How To Find Your Dream Job

Search Better. Get it Right!

Almost every job is a dream job for someone, but how do you know which is yours?

Even then, how do you go about getting your dream job?

The days of circling job openings in newspaper ads are long gone; yet most of us are still treating the job market the same way! These days, the entire process—from job advertisement to finished application—can be done online. It’s never been simpler to find and apply to jobs, but that doesn’t mean it’s easier!

This workshop walks you through what a dream job is and the best strategies you can use to find and secure the career of your dreams. You’ll learn to think about work in a new way, to see a different angle to the mainstream ambitions of society and craft your own path towards a fulfilling and meaningful career.

The competition is intense but the opportunities are endless! We'll not only show you how to land a job - we'll teach you how to land your dream job!

We at The Startup Factory are on a mission to help everyone who is serious about succeeding in life and in business. 

Each one of our workshops includes fundamentals of human psychology as well as global best practices.

Our Promise:

We will show you how to reach the goal you signed up for!

Money Back Guarantee!

This Workshop Starts In:

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AED 210 per seat

Wednesday, 17th July 2019

3 Hours Workshop

5 pm to 8 pm

12 Seats Only

Business Bay, Dubai


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