New Business Idea in Dubai

Create Your Business Concept

Turn your business idea into a profitable concept.

Our concept development is truly one of a kind! It’s designed to give you full confidence in the business you want to start.

The package is structured as follows:

Step #1: Developing a Strategy

A 3-hour coaching session to look into your business idea to identify (and fill) gaps in the following areas:

  • Cost Structure
  • Key Propositions
  • Key Resources
  • Marketing Channels
  • Customer Segmentation and Client Relationships
  • Revenue Streams

Within 3 hours, we will have a profitable road map for your business idea to succeed.

Create a business strategy UAE


Step #2: Market Research

Market research examines all the external factors which are critical for the survival of your business, in every detail! It’s aimed to immediately place you in-the-know within your industry. Find out who your customers are, what products fall within their consideration set, who your competitors are and what are the secrets to their success.


Step #3: Feasibility Study & Business Plan

A feasibility study provides a statistical analysis of a cost approach which includes your fix assets, variable costs and operation costs that make up your budget. Identify your break-even point as well as your profit margin for your internal organization.

Get in touch with us and we’ll help you assess your idea and turn it into a profitable concept.