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26 Feb

Get Inspired: Brusko Barbers

“The contractor disappeared with our down-payment three weeks before the expected completion date. He left us with a shop that was far from finished and a lesson we would never forget. We put all of our hard-earned savings into Brusko Barbers and failure was not an option for any of us. We rolled up our sleeves, and kicked into gear, finishing some of the fit-out and interior design ourselves. None of us had any experience with construction but when push comes to shove and everything is on the line, we did whatever it took to keep our vision alive.”

“We overcame this catastrophic time by staying optimistic, putting in the hard work, and relying on each other’s expertise. My advice to anyone starting a business is to partner up with the right people – people who values hard work, dedication and detest mediocrity.

My greatest lesson is to trust your gut feelings in business. Brusko Barbers was conceived on a gut feeling and some intense research, thought and study. We saw the potential of a concept barbershop in Dubai and went for it. If it doesn’t feel right there’s probably a reason why. When we made the decision to go with that contractor, my gut told me otherwise yet I opted for a more practical decision. If something doesn’t feel right but you’ve been trying to convince yourself otherwise, then there has to be a rational reason why your gut is telling you to run in the opposite direction. Only if you feel completely happy and comfortable with a situation should you go ahead.”

Co-Founder of Brusko Barbers – Abi


Brusko Barbers is Dubai-based curated concept barbershop that offers strong coffee, custom haircuts, clean shaves and the neighborhood feeling of a barbershop where men can congregate, relax and enjoy the quintessence of a true gentleman’s retreat.

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